Server update list


A compiled list of all the updates applied

April 2, 2019

- Re-designed the creation of identity - Finished the starting tutorial which is helpful for new-comers
- Made it so you can no longer type in the chat box, instead you MUST use /ooc (Out of character) command to talk.
- Added a load of new police vehicle models to fix the sirens dissapearing
- Making it so emotes aren't via commands but a menu GUI instead
- Making it so most of the interactions are not random buttons, but all in the Menu GUI
- Redoing jobs that don't work and other stuff....

April 3, 2019

- You will now be able to eat and drink anything sold in the shops
- A bug with food and hunger is fixed, you must eat or drink or else your health will start depleting

May 12, 2019

- Released a quick update to hopefully stop NPC's dropping weapons
- Stopped AI emergency services from attending the scene

May 13, 2019

- Applied fix to disable all cops from in-game more updates coming tonight

- All jobs now receive a wage instead of the "The company you work for is too poor to pay" message appearing
- Set minimum cops to at least 1 online to rob banks

- Police can now manage the armory - Police now have a range of clothing models to choose from. (More will be added in the future)

May 14, 2019

- Update applied to fix DMV Driving School Licences not given when successfully completing a driving test

May 16, 2019

- update applied, now have a new interface for inventory including trunks, go behind a car and press f2, it will open the trunk after a few seconds.
- weapons now stay on your back(edited)
- Can now rob NPC's by pointing a gun at them and pressing E, wait between 10-60 seconds for a successful robbery
- Can now auto repair your vehicle by driving into the mechanic shop and pressing E to repair
- Gun reticles have been removed I'll be adding to this list below(edited)

May 17, 2019

- All above updates are now in-game
- Made some stability fixes to server
- Jewellery store can now be robbed, there's a chance of getting a few items, but the ones that are going to earn you money are JEWELS. These will be worth 10$ each and you can (Each run) get around 100-200 or probably more depending on your luck. There is also one glass case that holds a CODE, this code will be the code to use for the BANK VAULTS. This code may change every now and then.

May 18, 2019

Jewellery Store robbery finished. Once you have entered the jewellery store, you will start the robbery. Once you hit the glass case it will alert the cops. Smash as many glass cases as possible before the cops arrive. The amount of jewellery you get from each glass case is randomised between 1-10. Once you have finished robbing the jewellery shop, USE the jewellery in the INVENTORY. It will then set a waypoint on your GPS to a dealer that will buy the jewellery off you for 10$ each.

Next update includes WEED. You will be able to acquire a "Weed Seed" (and other drug seeds in the future) randomly by doing certain tasks. There is a chance of obtaining these seeds by doing jewellery store raids, bank raids and other activities. Weed Seeds are going to be very rare to acquire. Once you do have a weed seed, you are able to start the planting process in your HOME. You must have a home OR use the FREE Motel at spawn to plant a seed. There is then a tedious waiting time and process that goes into making the weed. Once you have completed the task, you will get between 1-25 weed leaves, which you can sell to a dealer OR smoke and benefit from the fast running speeds. This update should be available sometime next week.(edited)

- Decided that more than one character is actually essential. Creating a script that now allows you to have up to 4 characters
- Fixed a bug with phone not showing sometimes

May 20, 2019

- Added progress bar to make you aware of how long it takes to do certain tasks.

May 29, 2019

- Fixed a problem when users enter the server it causes major lag and may sometimes disconnect the server
- Added a lot more loading bars
- Shortened the Tutorial time by around 2-3 minutes
- Character Select screen now has 5 selectable characters, below is still the "Latest Updates" box, but also to the left of that now is a "How To Play" box containing all information (Not all info is there just yet)
- Added British Police Peds costumes
- Added more British Police Vehicles
- Vault now opens server sided so anyone opening a bank vault can see it open
- Jewellery store robbery finished but needs work on making it so all players can rob it at the same time. However, you can now rob Rolex's, Golden Rings, Diamond Rings, Jewels and a chance of finding the Bank Vault Code
- Minor text fixes (Stopped it from displaying to all players on server when eating/drinking or picklocking a vehicle)
- Drugs can be grown in your home
- Trunk inventory fixed
- Homes now use the Graphical version of the Inventory instead of a menu
- Brightened all EMS Vehicle Lights... Police/Ambulance
- All Menus now appear top right of the screen using (Margin Top 0% and Margin Right 100%) meaning on any screen it'll show in that location and not cut off.

May 30, 2019

- Map radar no longer shows when going prone using Q
- Character creation now assigns a 4 digit code to your account and character. This code is used by police MDT as an identification number to detect player DNA and character information
- Vehicles no longer break down completely, but if damaged drive slowly. They also damage less quickly
- You can now see who's online, their PING and how many people are in jobs by pressing F10
- Fixed a bug where you were unable to lock EMS vehicles, Press U to lock and unlock the vehicle

May 31, 2019

- Mechanics now have a new marker outside their garage in which they can press E to spawn a tow truck. It will NOT work for anyone else other than mechanics. You can return the flatbed truck by doing the exact same in the marker. Please don't forget to do this. - Mecahnics must now use the F6 menu to store vehicles on their flatbed. To do so, park flatbed near the vehicle to tow, then look at the vehicle and press flatbed in F6 menu.
- Mechanics now have a different outfit when activating it via the cloakroom.

June 1, 2019

- Fixed a bug with police and ambulance vehicles not able to use the light system. Though the panel still disappears sometimes unfortunately. But you can still tick through your lights using Q
- Added more banks to rob
- Traffic Density now set to 20%

June 2, 2019

- Police can pickup DNA
- Police can now access a DNA database and upload DNA or view DNA

June 3, 2019

- Medics can now pick players up and move them
- You can toggle your engine using DEL (Delete) Button

June 4, 2019

Police can now use a visual database to report crimes and wanted players

June 5, 2019

- A police radio can now be used in-game to contact all other police officers. Holding Y Button it'll also show a picture of a radio bottom right of the screen to show it's in use

June 8, 2019

- Players can buy a Vehicle Tracking Device from the Garage Shop for $10,000.
- The device can be used as many times as you like. (So if for some reason it does bug out and doesn't show your vehicle, you can just use it again)
- If someone enters your car because you forgot to lock it, it'll alert the police and the owner of the vehicle.

Tracking device pics below:

June 8, 2019

- Everyone now has ID Cards. There is an ID card for your Identity, Driving Licence and Weapon.

June 13, 2019

- Growing weed is now a thing (As mentioned in the past, I was working on this)
- You will randomly find a Weed Seed somewhere by doing a certain activity on the server
- You can now use that Weed Seed in your home to start planting
- Once the planting process has finished, your plant will stay in your home
- You can then press [E] on the plant to collect your weed.
- You will get between 5-20 cannabis leaves

Getting a Weed Seed will be extremely rare.
Weed can be used to gain a limited amount of fast pace and lengthy stamina.
Weed can be sold to other players OR if you want to sell it to an NPC, they'll buy each leaf from you for £200.

Another awesome way to make money on the server!
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June 17, 2019

- fixed an issue with text displaying when someone else was using lscustoms
- fixed an issue with text displaying when someone else is fined Will be more updates later

You will see the Casino update to LifestyleRP! A fully functional Blackjack table and Slot machine is on the way! You could win a jackpot on the slot machine of up to £100,000!

In other updates:
- Robbing money from the bank will no longer be normal money, but instead will be Dirty Money
- You'll be able to clean dirty money, but only with at least 2 cops online
- Robbing banks will require at least 2 cops online instead of 1
- New casino blip added to the map
- You can walk with your hands held up
- Money earned from bank robberies is going from 5k-20k to 1k-10k(edited)

- Tonights update willl also include the extended police station
- Robbing a bank has changed from 60 seconds to 120 seconds(edited)

June 18, 2019

- Applied a fix so that no guns are given to players in police cars
- You now pull out weapons using an emote, to slow it down for civilians




- Toggle vehicle windows, doors and engine via a menu instead of buttons now, by pressing DEL


- Weapon shop has been updated, when buying a licence, the licence now appears in your inventory. A licence is now £50,000 which then allows you to buy the following weapons: Knife, knucle dusters, hammer, baseball bat, golf club, crowbar, glass bottle, dagger, hatchet, machete, switch blade, pistol and stun gun. All are around £1000-£2000 apart from the pistol which is £60,000 and stun gun which is £10,000

June 19, 2019


- You can now rob shops/clubs and safes! You will NEED a crowbar to do this though
1 cop online is required!(edited)


- new vine wood police station addon - illegal import vehicle garage is now found on the map, at the moment you won't be able to buy an illegal imported vehicle without the black market dealer online, the cars are all fully custom real life sports cars and super quick! - police boss can now fully manage all ranks, salary and other things

June 21, 2019


- Robbing stores update - You can now press G on ANY cash register and start the robbery. You'll get between 1k-5k. You'll also alert the cops as soon as you start the robbery, which takes a total of 3 minutes to complete. Though you can cancel the robbery at anytime

June 23, 2019


20 custom cars will be added to the server tomorrow, as we don't really have a player base at the moment, all cars will be buy able by just going to the imported cars garage, but these cars will cost between 700k - 1.5m to buy.

June 24, 2019


36 custom cars have been added to the server! As well as making it so you can buy the cars without a dealer at the moment. The cars are extremely expensive!


If you ever have enough money saved up, visit the ILLEGAL import in the docks and checkout the 36 imported cars to LifestyleRP

June 25, 2019


Upcoming updates! - 2 Random Money vans will spawn on the map. These money vans get to their destination no matter what. But ... can be robbed. With lethal force, you are able to rob these vans by opening the back doors and stealing the money they carry. The drivers will NOT be equipped with guns, but the police will be notified as soon as they spawn, making sure they provide a convoy for the vans to get to their destination safely. These vans will spawn once an hour! You will receive around 5000 - 10,000 each van. It's going to be random! - I am in the progress of making a load of houses "robabble", it's going to take a while, but i am working on both robbery scripts to help players have other ways of making money. You will have to pick the lock with a lockpick. Then enter the house and rob as many things as possible, before the cops show up. Cops are alerted as soon as the house is entered, so be quick!(edited)

June 26, 2019


====UPDATES==== - You can now rob up to 20 houses around grove street (I'll be adding more houses soon) - Security vans are in the game but a bit buggy at the moment, i'll be working on fixing this - Server now automatically restarts itself 13:00pm GMT everyday. A notification displays in-game every hour to make sure people are aware - Spotlight for police vehicles has been added - Street Races have been added


You can now get Weed Seeds (To start growing weed) by robbing houses. There are many locations within the house you can get the seeds from. When getting seeds, remember that you can ONLY grow the weed within your HOME or MOTEL. There are other items you'll also get, including jewellery that you can sell to the dealer.


- Fixed a bug with house robbing not giving items and keep teleporting on picklock - Fixed issues for police not blips constantly showing, set to show for 30 seconds only and fade

June 27, 2019


- Security vans are now working as they should. 7 Security vans now spawn every hour. They will try and reach their destination to deliver the money. You are now able to intercept these vans and picklock them. Once you picklock them, get into the van and open the back doors. The money will fall out. Be careful though, the cops will be alerted! If you find any problems with this, please report it asap! Each van will have a BLIP shown on the map.(edited)


- Added new LandRover Discovery Ambulance Jeep for quick response In the process of adding a few more police and medic outfits

- Added new Vinewood Police Station with Blip on map

July 1, 2019


- Pillbox changed - LSPD changed - Added more and changed models for PD and Medics - Temporary disabled security vans (Fixing bugs before re-activating) - ELS re-enabled - Server auto restarts 10pm and 1pm now everyday - Added security Cameras

July 11, 2019

JoeLast Thursday at 1:01 AM

- Trains have been added (trains will stop at stations) - New loading screen - I am in the process of giving lifestylerp a unique facelift when it comes to the GUI. I have just finished the bottom left health bars etc... Preview below I am also in the process of fixing some bugs and reworking some scripts. I am listening to suggestions and constantly working on the server. As i was away, I have been unable to keep up with updates. But I will now carry on as normal. Thanks all!

JoeLast Thursday at 8:22 PM

::UPDATES IN THE WORKS:: (NOT YET RELEASED, OR NEAR COMPLETION) - You can now go to the store and buy body armour, just go to inventory and drag to USE to equip it. Costs £10,000 - There is now a drunk meter bottom left, it'll go down slowly showing how long the drunk effect will last - Fixed some text issues - You can now sell weed to any ped on the street. They may reject your offer or call the cops though, so be careful! You will get around £200-500 for each weed plant you sell. If you have any weed in your inventory, it will automatically show "[G] Sell Weed" above a peds head when they're close by.

July 13, 2019

JoeToday at 1:58 AM

- Drinking any alcohol now makes you drunk with a drunk meter now working

JoeToday at 2:28 AM

- Selling weed is now working. Instead of text above head, it's placed on the person's body in smaller text and ONLY displays if you're holding weed