Seinfeld Adventure is a pitch for a game about nothing


Seinfeld Adventure is a pitch for a game based on the 90s classic sitcom Seinfeld.

The title is developed by two indie devs, Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon, Seinfeld Adventure is a episodic point-and-click game that’s been showcased on a new website designed to secure the ability to complete and release the game.

Turns out Seinfeld is actually still an incredibly relevant show whose relatability is timeless, with the show’s streaming rights bought by Netflix recently for half a billion dollars.
We want to do this the official way. However, we believe that pitching to the internet will show the demand for such a game, which will provide a better chance of this becoming a thing than us just sending a cold email. We want our email to be warm, if that makes any sense.
Check out Seinfeld Adventure video and images below.


I think I remember reading about this a few years ago, good to see it still being made and yes, no one can control kramer.

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