Sega offers 5 free PC games including Yakuza-Streets of Rage mashup


Sega celebrates its 60th anniversary by offering five PC games for free, and one of those games is a Yakuza-Streets of Rage mashup.

Streets of Kamurocho​

The said mashup is called Streets of Kamurocho and includes the characters from Yakuza but with a playstyle of Streets of Rage. Available to download between 17-19 October via Steam.

Golden Axed​

Golden Axed is the new name for the cancelled Golden Axe Reborn, a title that once was in development over at Sega Studios. Also available to download for a limited time on 18 October via Steam.

Endless Zone & Armor of Heroes​

Armor of Heroes is a top-down tank game available to download later today and through into 19 October.

That's joined by Endless Zone, a side-scrolling mashup of Endless and Fantasy Zone, which is available between 16-19 October.

Nights Into Dreams​

Nights into Dreams can be obtained by linking your Steam account inside Sega’s Celebration website, found here. Enjoy!
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