Sea Of Thieves latest update 'Legends of the Sea' celebrates player achievements with crossplay opt-out and a Kameo ship set


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Dec 11, 2018

Sea Of Thieves’ latest free update, Legends Of The Sea, arrives today, bringing with it an in-game easter egg hunt. You won’t be hunting for actual eggs though, instead you’ll be sent to search for some of those video game easter eggs, and in Sea Of Thieves these take the form of references to the game’s most legendary players.

The references tend to be things like notes, paintings, carvings and the like, hidden in plain sight on islands throughout the ocean. You can earn new tattoos and commendations as rewards for finding them.

Umbra is the name of the new adventurer searching for these famous shrines to pirates past, rewarding you for each one you find with tattoos and commendations that have some sort of reference to the pirate or the feat they performed. For example, eating a stupid number of bananas in the technical beta, or being the very first pirate to visit the Ferry of the Damned, are but two of the many wondrous things players have been remembered for.




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