San Jose ranks in top 25 cities for women in tech, but the gaps remain wide


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Dec 11, 2018
Being a woman working in tech in Silicon Valley is still not as lucrative as being a man doing the same work, but the gaps are shrinking, new data show.

A report by New York-based personal finance technology company, SmartAsset, which asks which cities are best for women in tech, looks at four factors to rank the 58 cities on the list: Gender pay gap, income after housing costs, tech jobs filled by women and tech employment growth over the past four years.

Using those factors, San Jose this year broke back into the top half of the cities analyzed.

SmartAsset has analyzed the data over the past six years, allowing for some benchmarking year-over-year. Nationally, women make up about 26 percent of the tech workforce and earn 83 percent of what men make. But the story isn’t the same everywhere.

“Though disheartening at the national level, women have had great success breaking into the tech industry in some cities,” the report notes.

Indeed, in Long Beach, women on average make 102 percent of what men make in the industry, though the city ranked 7th on SmartAsset’s report due to other factors. The top city for women in tech in the U.S. is Baltimore, followed by Washington, D.C., and Virginia’s Arlington and Chesapeake.


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