Sakura Wars 2020 - Review Thread


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Dec 12, 2018

MetaCritic: 73, 18 Reviews | OpenCritic: 73, Fair
Published Reviews:

Hirun Cryer: US Gamer:
Sakura Wars's biggest strength, ultimately, is that it's so easily digestible. For all the overarching anime tropes defining them, Sakura Wars' characters are a pleasant bunch to defend Tokyo with. I've enjoyed my time with Sakura, Hatsuho, Anastasia, Azami, and Clarissa in equal measure, even if the actual story and plot developments never evolves them into anything more than fun characters to be around. Sakura Wars' combat is pretty basic, but it does a nice job of punctuating its more plot-heavy moments of expositional storytelling. It might not be an entirely memorable story, and Sakura Wars' characters aren't allowed to evolve much outside of their dedicated vignettes, but it's an enjoyable adventure while it lasts.
Chris Moyse: Destructoid:
Sakura Wars represents an ambitious new start for the franchise, one that might not be to everyone's tastes. While its mediocre combat and dialogue-heavy design may leave some players disengaged, its fabulous presentation, pleasing visuals, delightful characters, and histrionic melodrama will delight others. Perhaps most importantly, it offers the franchise a bright future bursting with potential. Encore!
Garri Bagddasarov: PlayStation Universe:
Sakura Wars is a great little gem. It's the perfect title to get into the franchise and see why it's regarded so highly in Japan. Sakura Wars has some incredible writing and character development, it's hard not to fall in love with everyone you meet in the world. It's just a shame the combat isn't on the same level and at times take the steam away from the fantastic narrative.
Nathan Birch: Wccftech:
Sakura Wars isn’t for everyone, but fans of quirky Japanese imports or those simply looking for something a bit outside their comfort zone ought to give it a shot. The game’s action is run-of-the-mill, but its heartfelt character-driven story and polished anime-infused presentation largely make up for that. Sakura Wars may not win every battle, but it stands tall in the end.
Josh Torres: RPG Site:
Sakura Wars (2019) is a fresh start for the long-dormant series and understands what made them great for the most part. It has its fair share of downfalls and still very much feels like a work-in-progress in de-rusting what aspects of the Sakura Wars franchise it wants to keep and let go. Despite my gripes with its leap to an action RPG for its small battle sections and how the overall story leaves off on an incomplete note, it manages to revitalize the incredible, comfortable atmosphere Sakura Wars games bring in their wake. There are refinements to be made around the edges, for sure, should a follow-up game ever come and I believe the foundation laid out in Sakura Wars (2019) is solid enough to pave the way for something truly special. The multimedia phenomenon that followed the original Sakura Wars seems to be rolling again for Sakura Wars (2019). It has already received a few collaborations with games like Phantasy Star Online 2 and Star Ocean: Anamnesis in Japan, along with a brand-new TV anime currently airing at the time of this review that takes place after the events of this game.
Rishi Alwani: The Mako Reactor:
Sakura Wars proves you can breath new life into an old franchise. Hopefully we’ll see more games in the series from Sega. If you own a PS4 and have a hankering for something different, Sakura Wars is well worth checking out.
James Wood: PowerUp Gaming:
Sakura Wars is a serviceable entry point for Western audiences but fails to deliver more than a modest take on what could have been a remarkable game.
Remington Joseph: CGM:
Despite its shortcomings, Sakura Wars has a ton to offer. It didn’t take long before I was fully invested in the lives of these characters and by the time I’d finished the game’s story, I was already wanting another adventure with the team. Sega seems to have faith in their reboot, having already launched an anime series that acts as a sequel to the game’s story. I have high hopes that this game will help to restore the Sakura Wars brand while introducing it to a brand-new audience.
Romain Mahut: Gameblog:
(Review in French) Sakura Wars is certainly not the game that will allow the Sakura Wars series to explode in the West. For a game that involved well-known personalities from the world of Japanese video games and entertainment, anticipated by Japanese players, and advertised with great fanfare, it was logical to expect something other than an unambitious game that drags interspersed with run-of-mill Beat 'em All sequences. Fans of 100% Japanese cruising games, with all that that implies, and the most loyal fans of the franchise will find an interest in this new game. The most curious, japanophile, and patient of players could be intrigued by the steampunk version of Tokyo from the 1940s seen here, as well as by a story that evolves like a season in an anime. The game is not entirely without its best moments, but we expected much more from the return of the Flower Brigade.
Ryuzaki57: Jeuxvideo:
(Review in French) Sakura Wars is a welcome, pleasant comeback, but a somewhat failed modernization. The cute characters and humorous dialogue live up to the series' heritage, the direction of the cutscenes is great, and the brand-new graphics are sumptuous, but the shift from tactical RPG to action gameplay hurts. It leaves Sakura Wars feeling like a high-end visual novel littered with tiresome action sections here and there.
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