SA-SAMP servers

Looking for San Andreas Multiplayer servers?

[EN] Welcome to Los Santos 2 -
[EN] Welcome to Los Santos 3 -

Looking for Czech Multiplayer servers?

[CZ/SK/EN] Welcome to Los Santos -
[CZ/SK/EN] Welcome to Los Santos 4 -

We have friendly community and lots of features from the GTA:SA Single Player mode!

- Dozens of jobs you can do with your friends: Police Officer, Paramedic, Tow truck driver, Drug courier, Pimp, Reporter, Undertaker and so on!

- All gangs from Single player mode that you can join with your friends

- Minigames, TDM's, DM's, Roulette, Horse betting, Wheel of Fortune and Poker!

- A lot of different Events: Hunter Raid, Getaway, Fallout, Warzone, Sumo, Juggernaut, Bowl Brawl, Hasta La Vista, Rhino Hunt, Death Run!

- Property system that allows you to become a businessman!

- Purchasable houses around San Andreas where you can save a vehicle and drink a beer with your friends and other features

Trailer :

web : Game servers for SA-MP, VC-MP and Liberty Unleashed