Ryzen 7 3700X Trades Blows with Core i7-10700, 3600X with i5-10600K: Early ES Review


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Dec 11, 2018
Hong Kong-based tech publication HKEPC posted a performance review of a few 10th generation Core "Comet Lake-S" desktop processor engineering samples they scored. These include the Core i7-10700 (8-core/16-thread), the i5-10600K (6-core/12-thread), the i5-10500, and the i5-10400. The four chips were paired with a Dell-sourced OEM motherboard based on Intel's B460 chipset, 16 GB of dual-channel DDR4-4133 memory, and an RX 5700 XT graphics card to make the test bench. This bench was compared to several Intel 9th generation Core and AMD 3rd generation Ryzen processors.

Among the purely CPU-oriented benchmarks, the i7-10700 was found to be trading blows with the Ryzen 7 3700X. It's important to note here, that the i7-10700 is a locked chip, possibly with 65 W rated TDP. Its 4.60 GHz boost frequency is lesser than that of the unlocked, 95 W i9-9900K, which ends up topping most of the performance charts where it's compared to the 3700X. Still the comparison between i7-10700 and 3700X can't be dismissed, since the new Intel chip could launch at roughly the same price as the 3700X (if you go by i7-9700 vs. i7-9700K launch price trends).

The Ryzen 7 3700X beats the Core i7-10700 in Cinebench R15, but falls behind in Cinebench R20. The two end up performing within 2% of each other in CPU-Z bench, 3DMark Time Spy and FireStrike Extreme (physics scores). The mid-range Ryzen 5 3600X has much better luck warding off its upcoming rivals, with significant performance leads over the i5-10600K and i5-10500 in both versions of Cinebench, CPU-Z bench, as well as both 3DMark tests. The i5-10400 is within 6% of the i5-10600K. This is important, as the iGPU-devoid i5-10400F could retail at price points well under $190, two-thirds the price of the i5-10600K.

These performance figures should be taken with a grain of salt since engineering samples have a way of performing very differently from retail chips. Intel is expected to launch its 10th generation Core "Comet Lake-S" processors and Intel 400-series chipset motherboards on April 30. Find more test results in the HKEPC article linked below.

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