RPGs: Real-Time or Turn-Based?


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Mar 27, 2019
RPGs are an interesting genre that seems to go in waves. Just some years ago it seemed like people had moved from the RPGs, even when we got some of them, they seemed to be experimental and trying different things.

It seems not everybody is fond of turned based RPGs while there are other people that are not liking the real-time changes some of these newer ones have. Where do you stand in the Real-Time versus Turn-based debate? What are the things you like and dislike about each type?

What are your favourite RPGs?
Both are fun, though I do miss turn base as that usually allowed for a lot more battle planning and better set things up to bring the pain to the enemies.
I personally hate the turn based games these days. The reason being it is very much slow for me.I prefer real person and more action these days.

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