Rock Paper Shotgun: 10 Ways Gears Tactics Appeals To Gears Of War And XCOM Fans


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Dec 11, 2018
Gears Tactics is basically Gears of War meets XCOM, but an amazing mix of the two: the brains of XCOM, the violent delights of Gears. In this new Gears Tactics gameplay (PC), Matthew explains why the game will please fans of both series, and why you should look out for Gears Tactics on April 28th.

You mustn’t confuse this with a Gears Tactics review: due to the current state of things we watched this demo on a stream, so these are not our final Gears Tactics impressions. Instead we do a Gears Tactics gameplay deep dive, explaining how it evolves strategy ideas and adds the speed and aggression you’d expect from a traditional Gears of War game. I love how they shrink everything down, from the Corpser (still pretty big) to the boomshot and other iconic weapons. They may be small, but Gears Tactics weapons hit hard.

This Gears Tactics preview is based on four stages from the game: the opening tutorial, a siege against Wretches and Drones - Gears Tactics enemies draw on all the classics - a rescue mission to grow your squad out on the field and the fight against the big bad Corpser, one of Gears Tactics boss fights. We also talk about skills, upgrades and customization - the game has a really deep system, deeper than anything you’ve seen in Gears of War before, but we don’t have footage of it, so you’ll just have to trust us.

One of our favourite Gears Tactic features is the way executions are used to earn bonus points, really rewarding you for pushing forwards at all times and playing aggressively. Make smart choices and you can extend your turn really far, achieving huge damage if you manage to make the classes play nice with each other. Of everything in our Gears Tactics CO gameplay, this is some of the coolest stuff. We can;t wait to play the game in late April and try it out for ourselves.


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