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Mar 31, 2020
This game takes many scenes from the desert, ice cave, volcano, jungle, or even the beach. You can choose your camp starting from level 16 (which only takes around 10 minutes) and you already available to do battle with your camp enemies. There is 2 camp, Light and Dark. Choose one of it and you will be fighting the camp member you did not choose.

There is 5 world boss which you can found in the map area, with different time spawn, you need to fight against your camp enemies to get the loots from the World Boss. Be careful, being dominated by your enemies is sucks, so you need to invite a lot of friends to play the game and build your community inside!

There are no limited people on doing PVP/WAR.
You can join the camp war match which no limitation of people inside the event or if you want to fight with your guild community, you can also join with the Guild War to prove your existence.

The game is officially open on 25 February 2020 for Southeast Asia Region. If you want to join the game and you are from outside the SEA region, you can install it using an emulator by doing direct downloads for the game app.

Game requirement:
Minimum: 4GB RAM
Android: 7.0
Support: 64-bit architectures

For SEA region
For Emulator User

My suggestion is to use LDPlayer 7.0 since it supports very well.
Do you know what is being featured by Google Play?
Means Rise of Nowlin is chosen by Google Play as one of the apps that deserve to be put on the first page by Google Play store.

The improvement for Rise of Nowlin is getting bigger and bigger lately. By reaching the top 1 free app on Myanmar Google Play store, Rise of Nowlin keep spreading the wings to achieve more in other countries. We are targeting the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam before and now among those countries, Rise of Nowlin is being featured. Rise of Nowlin’s target becomes smaller now into Indonesia’s country only to achieve this featured.

Showing the user growth in April 2020, Rise of Nowlin believes there will be more achievement to get in 2020.

To celebrate the featured, Rise of Nowlin is doing some events that you cannot miss.
  1. 50% Discount for countries outside Indonesia inside the game
  2. Being blessed in the Ramadan Month, we want you to share inspiring stories about your Ramadan in our social media through Ramadan Stories event
  3. Get the highest gems in our Instagram event giveaway

But, if you are still not a part of our Rise Community, we want to invite you to join the rise.
Here is one video of the Assassin Gameplay in our game.

Are you interested to join us?
Google/IOS Store: bit.ly/EngRoN
Emulator: bit.ly/English375
What kind of game is this? i am looking for a fun game on my phone
It is RPG game and pretty much strong game if you ask me. It has got many good reviews from the RPG reviewers. I have kind of liked it based on the gameplay.

Yes, it is, only one kind of matter that needs to be fixed: the development is too slow, but overall this is a fun game to play if you looking for free PK game.
Hello, Joyfreak community.
I will make this thread as official Rise of Nowlin forum.
If you had any questions regarding the game, please put it below.

Basic Information:
Theme: MMORPG Medieval Fantasy Story
Map: World Map
Engine: Unity
Size: a total of 1.2 gigs
Platform: Android and IOS
Minimal recommendation: 4 GB RAM, supporting 64-bit architecture, android 7.0

Basic dungeon for material, items, and exp
Grinding/World map monster
World map bossing
Time bossing
Life skill: Fishing, Mining, Gathering, Scavenging
Guild system
Guild War
Camp War
World map PVP
Arena PVP: Bot and Live PVP
Mount and Costume
Crafting system
The complex character builds list: Gems, Divinity, Training stats, mount stats, costume stats, armor stats, refine, enhance, signet

Social media:
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/riseofnowlin
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Community group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/440732186513557

Any update regarding to the game will be posted here
I agree on the slow development part. But the issue is that the earning for the RPG games is often low. So it is kind of expected that people will play it limited and not much buy the in game items for RPG games.
bakmiaishi Please refrain from making further threads about this game. Use this main thread to add further to the game.

Continuing to create threads will result in a ban. Please understand we allow self-promotion but to an extent. Do not abuse it.

This game looks nice, I was looking for an Android game, will try this out. I will twt you know :)

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