Rumor Resident Evil Village spoilers have surfaced


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Jun 15, 2019

I am excited for the game, but not as much as I was hoping to be.

Read at your own risk!

Chris is not evil. He has left the BSAA and went rogue. He's trying to find and kill the main villain of the game, a woman with morphing abilities. Chris has been hunting her for three years, she's extremely dangerous, and the methods he's taking to take her down is something the BSAA would never approve of. At the beginning of the game, the person he shoots isn't Mia, it's this person. Also, you play the entire later half of the game as Chris.
You play as Ethan during the first half of the game. He's then confronted by the main villain and his fate is unknown while we play as Chris. You retake control of Ethan for the final boss. He dies during the battle and ask Chris to take care of his daugther named Rose.
Mia's fate is very obscure, with contradictory infos which make it seems that her fate is tied to a choice. She's been captured by Miranda before the start of the game so she's not the one who gets shot by Chris. There is a cutscene named "Chris and Mia escape by Helicopter" but she's totally absent from the ending of the game.
She's not Alex like most people think. Her name is Miranda and she's seemingly connected to Eveline and the Mold from RE7. She can change her appareance and transform into a huge molded dragon-like monster at the end.
Her name is Rose and she's apparently/supposedly the reincarnation of Eveline. Miranda disguised herself as Mia to try to steal her but got shot by Chris. Later, she was able to steal her from Chris. The village treats Rose as some kind of godess.
Chris decides to retire, in order to be able to properly raise Rose as his surrogate daugther. There is a huge time skip, between 15 to 20 years. It's the late 2030s. Rose is an adult, Chris is an old man, She's visiting Ethan's grave when an agent parks nearby and she goes to him as they have a job for her. The agent jokingly calls her Eveline which makes her very angry. She then use some Wesker-style martial art against the agent before threatening him to not call her like that or she'll use a "technique/power" that even Chris doesn't even know about.

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