Resident Evil Village set to release in April 2021, leak suggests


Resident Evil Village is set to release in April 2021, as suggested by a leak that’s come from a recent cyberattack against developer Capcom.

A new report has summarised information obtained from the attack with details on the Resident Evil franchise itself. First, Resident Evil Village is set to release in April 2021, with a demo made available ahead of that time. It’s also suggested that a new multiplayer Resident Evil project, referred to as Project Highway and Village Online, will be made available in late 2021.

The also leak suggests Google Stadia paid Capcom $10 million USD for access to Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, and that Sony paid Capcom $5 million USD for Resident Evil 7 timed VR exclusivity on PlayStation VR. Finally, the leak alleges that Resident Evil 4 VR is being planned for Oculus VR.

Capcom was attacked early this month, with the company recently confirming that customers’ personal date might have been compromised.

We’ll keep you posted on Resident Evil Village as we learn more.
Oh, God. Just how many more versions of RE4 do we need? It's already everywhere! 🌝

At least we "unofficially" got the unofficial release date, so I can.start saving up for a PS5. Although I am more interested in knowing why Chris is the way he is, I am unsure if the woman in the village is Alex Wesker, aka Natalia Korda.

If Chris dies... WE WILL RIOT! 😞

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