Resident Evil Village (RE8) Taken Down By Austrian Retailer


May 13, 2020
According to a recent report from Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil Village, has been listed for pre-orders. The pre-order went up on an Austrian site,, who have now taken it down. This came after reported on it.

With the pre-order being taken down, the evidence we have to go off is a from, found here.

Whilst the screenshot shown doesn't reveal much, it gives us what might be the title, Resident Evil Village. It's only listed for PS4 and the box art is apparently unofficial. Both of these could be because Resident Evil 8 and the PS5 currently have little official information. do make the point in their report that they did some digging, and the company seems legitimate. The site has plenty of Trustpilot reviews, but comments on the listing of Resident Evil Village date back to May 18th this year.

Questions of legitimacy on the part of this news are tough to answer. Whilst the site seems to be real and trusted the actual information it shows about Resident Evil 8, or Resident Evil Village, doesn't reveal much. Rumours have been circulating about Resident Evil 8 for some time now. With information about the games apparent classic survival horror mechanics and emphasis on horror iconography like werewolves. Even then there has been no official information from Capcom.

What are the chances?
A NeoGAF post also brings to light that Capcom have been doing some game title updates for Resident Evil games on Steam. On the surface this makes the library of games look a lot cleaner, but fans are speculating as to whether or not it relates to this Resident Evil 8 listing.

Will we be seeing more at the Sony 'The Future of Gaming' event this Thursday? We'll have to wait to find out. The game could certain fit in, with just over an hour of PS5 games being shown.

Jun 15, 2019
At this rate, you have to take everything posted online with a pinch of salt. Yeah, it's cool that Dusk Golem keeps us in the loop, but that's just his rumours that every website out there is commenting on. Until Capcom announces something themselves, it's hard to say if anything you read up about this game is even true. I've no reason to doubt the guy's posts, but we'll see soon enough if what he has been posting is actually the real deal.
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