Resident Evil Village monster design ripped from movie director

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A Resident Evil Village monster design has been copied from Dutch film director Richard Raaphorst, the director claims.

Raaphorst took to LinkedIn, claiming Village’s Sturm mini-boss “has been used – completely without authorisation or credit.”

The original monster in question appeared in Raaphorst’s film, Frankenstein’s Army, back in 2013. Both, it and Village‘s Sturm do have a three-blade propeller for a face, with both characters dramatically bursting into flame as they’re dispatched.

This is just one-to-one, really. It’s just the same scene as in my movie, except that in my movie you have to cut loose the fuel tubes. That’s the only thing that is missing. But the whole thing is getting into flames, and then it explodes, and then the way it rotates through the camera – it’s all the same, really. Even the environments, the whole colour palette. It looks like an animatic for my movie.
~Richard Raaphorst, film director.

A Twitter user followed up Raaphorst’s claim with side-by-side images of Village‘s Heisenberg Factory monsters compared with others inside Frankenstein’s Army, and while the Sturm mini-boss looks similar to Raaphorst’s work, several others aren’t far off.

Resident Evil Village is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.


Resident Evil Village​

7 May 2021​

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC​

This is really nothing new with Crapcom. They basically made RE7 about every classic horror movie moment they could think of, which is so unoriginal. And as I often point out, their 2015 spin off Revelations 2 actually copied a lot of things from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. I've also suspected since the start, that RE7 was basically their "answer" to Silent Hills being cancelled, even though some of the fanbase defends this company by saying "RE7 was in development first".

The two remakes were a joke as well. Like, I think it is ridiculous how Nemesis can chase Jill in a shop, and then clip through the ceiling after you shoot him. In the original if you delivered enough damage, blood would seep everywhere and he would basically just fall over. Before too long, he would get back up and continue to abuse you. But in the remake, he is just dumb in general. Especially when he mutates into a mass so early on. In the original, he kind of looked the same, except he had a tentacle that he could swing you around with.

In the RE2 remake, they replaced the ivy things with these dumb looking plant zombies, or whatever the heck they are supposed to be. It was significantly sad to see the game that got me into survival horror in the first place, being so fucked up.

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