Resident Evil Village demo imminent, survey suggests


Resident Evil Village demo is a possibility from Capcom, a survey from the publisher suggests.

As part of the survey about Village, questions ranged from whether or not the title should be set in a village to whether or not you believe this is the eighth title in the franchise — one question in particular asked if players would be interested in playing a demo ahead of release.

The survey continued to ask whether customers planned on buying the game on next-gen platforms and list the PS5 disc-based, PS5 digital and Xbox Series X consoles along with an “Xbox Series X Digital Only Console (if avaiable)”.

If you’re interested in participating in the survey, head here.

We’ll keep you updated on Resident Evil Village as we learn more. The title heads to PS5, Xbox Series X and Windows PC in 2021.
Jun 15, 2019
I hope so. 🤔

But I think if Alex Wesker is in the game, Chris is bound to be looking for her, for a very good reason. It's like RE6 all over again in terms of the, "You did me wrong, so I will kill you" mentality he was supposed to have gotten over.

Some people talk about the game on Michael Does Life's live streams. Well, I haven't called in for a while. That's because I kind of ran out of stuff to say, but come August, I think it's really going to pick up. 🌞