Rumor Resident Evil: Revelations 3 may be releasing in Q4 2021!

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Jun 15, 2019
According to the survival horror gaming related insider, Dusk Golem, who recently answered a fan's question on Twitter, the third Revelations game in the long running and at times, frustrating-to-follow Resident Evil franchise, is planned for release in late 2021. So apparently, there's no Code: Veronica or Outbreak remake happening, huh? Well, that's a bit sad, considering the amount of fanboys who have been demanding those titles. :unsure:

Me personally, I actually really enjoy the Revelations games, as they are set between the main games, and delve into the overall arc. For example, the first game portrayed Chris and Jill on a mission out on the high seas, during the infancy of the BSAA foundation, making it a prequel to Resident Evil 5. But to me, Revelations 2 was even better, as Claire Redfield returned as a playable character after 15 years (not counting the not so great retold sections in the Chronicles games) and Barry Burton was playable for the first time ever, outside of that awful non canon game, Gaiden. The gameplay itself was very enjoyable, and Alex Wesker is certainly one of the more memorable, newer villains. She may even be returning next year, in Resident Evil Village.

While no information has been provided, I'd love to see characters we've not seen in years, finally make their return. People from the past such as Billy Coen, because, I mean, what the heck happened to him after he left Rebecca in the woods? Or what about Sheva and Josh? Another character is Carlos, or how about Hunk? You know? They really shouldn't pass up the opportunity to bring these characters back, as it's something that has annoyed fans like myself for many a year. Sometimes, you wonder if Capcom cares about them, as they're not really ever mentioned at all anymore. You know? This has to change. ;)

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