Resident Evil fanboys are incredibly toxic...

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Jun 15, 2019
Fanboys are a toxic breed for a lot of franchises, that started off great back in the day, but took a nosedive years later. This is especially true of countless Resident Evil fans, that cannot see the wood for the trees.

I don't know why they think Capcom is so amazing. They have allowed companies to make outsourced garbage, and even constantly ruined the series themselves with mediocre sequels. Sequels to splendid entries, that just had to go and take the series into an entirely different direction. Time and time again, this has occurred. I also kind of know why they are doing remakes these days. It's just because they are struggling to do anything original, and people requested that they do so.

NeoGAF is a haven for people that will eat you alive for speaking out. I've also noticed that all the actual fan forums are pretty much dead. Namely, Biohaze, The Horror Is Alive, Resident Evil Horror, and others. No one hardly ever posts on the relatively few sites that remain anymore. Compared to like 15 years ago, this is the case for all of these forums.

Anyway, I stuck up for some YouTuber known as Nemesis last summer. About a year ago, people were uploading videos mocking him, and saying he was spreading misinformation, and whatnot. But I don't see how. It was just him expressing his opinions. You know? Opinions are something that people ought to be allowed to have, yet certain jerks will always say otherwise. So, I pointed out that no one was forced to watch his videos. Yet they did. Then eventually, this Nemesis turned on me because I said something about America deserving to be attacked. I didn't really mean that. I had a bad year, and so many situations were getting to me, but the videos were all to do with this Nemesis drawing attention to himself. So they made me a scapegoat. In the videos I uploaded though, I made myself look and sound like an idiot, although I am still sad that a guy I thought I had a mutual bond with, basically sided with the very guys that were bashing him originally.

I'm Peter, who is wearing glasses, and that other dude is the Nemesis I'm referring to. As you can see, all you have to do is state how you feel, and immature YouTubers (and online users in general) are always going to have something to be uptight about. It's stupid. I've even had these guys saying that I sexually assault people, have a failed acting career, and one of them went out of his way to call me a paedophile, which is not true. Several months ago, I even doxxed him, which is why him and his mate deleted the videos about Nemesis, who they are apparently friends with now. What the hell?

This is a crazy situation indeed. I'll be glad when 2019 is over, so I can retire from all of these ridiculous Internet communities. They're really nothing but a waste of time now, and you're never going to get anywhere arguing the toss with these jerks either...

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I've already said numerous times that if people only like Resident Evil 4 onwards, that's cool. Consumers can buy whatever floats their boat, but to say that us "old-school fans" only like fixed camera angles and zombies, well that is dumb. To call passionate YouTubers safe spots too, is kind of arrogant of the founders of bigger channels, that try to be more optimistic. I'm not sure how one can remain that way when you can see for yourself if a series is getting treated right, and whatnot.

Some people were probably just old enough to play Resident Evil 4 when it was released, and you don't have to have played any of the prior ones to get to grips with the story. But personally, I see that game as the declining point for survival horror as a whole, and it is only just recovering today. And I have seen the decline, having been a fan for 20 years. So I recently made a video talking about how it's a good enough game in its own right, but it doesn't merit having the franchise's name associated with it. That's the problem with Capcom. They lead people into liking anything where the name is involved.

The Silent Hill series also ended up trash, because Team Silent was disbanded by Konami themselves, likely because of Capcom's new take on action-horror titles. By the time we got to Downpour, all the magic was essentially lost. When E3 was over, I was left feeling kind of depressed, because there hasn't been any news about either series in ages. No news means having nothing worth discussing, and if you're depressed about other things too, it isn't good for the soul. When you're passionate about any music, movie, game, or whatever, you want it done right.
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The moment youtube stops paying those channels, the drama reduces. I have seen that people tend to be toxic when they are too much in power or too much helpless. Either way I can't help it. And I just move on considering the no use of getting into the drama.
Yeah. Plus, it's the Internet. It's easy to slag someone off and get away with that nastiness.
Indeed. The best thing in such case is ignore unless the another party is next door to you. You can ignore all the negativity and stuff and move on. Because if you feed drama, it continues. That's how it has been for years and that's how it is going to be.
In general, do you like the games? Do you like the action ones or the scarier earlier ones?
I think mix of both. You can put me into say survival action or survival zombie action or even the open world survival type game games. I like those type of plots and games.
E3 was dreadful this year. One of the worst in history. I don't think we can expect anything about Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for a while, and even Capcom are just doing that because they can't come up with anything original anymore.
Well considering the gaming industry is run by social justice warriors of feminism and LGBT groups. I don't have much hopes from the industry on that note.
They should ban remakes. That's not what a film enthusiast should be focusing on. We can learn from history, yeah, but why repeat it?

It's like that new Chucky movie. The villains in the famous horror franchises today are treated like a joke, or the films are being made just to showcase crappy effects, and our childhood is getting wrecked with all this money grabbing garbage, that was great in the day, but feels too dated now. But that's Hollywood, and the music and gaming industries as well.
I think reason they make remakes is because one generation getting old and another getting young is where they target and make a lot of remakes.
I can't stand fanboys of any genre. It's one thing to be a fan of a series, or type of game, but to take it to an extreme level to where no one can have a differing opinion to your own without you lashing out at them for thinking different from you is just ridiculous. At the end of the day, we're all gamers. What's the need to bash each other for different opinions or views on a series or game?
I can't stand fanboys of any genre. It's one thing to be a fan of a series, or type of game, but to take it to an extreme level to where no one can have a differing opinion to your own without you lashing out at them for thinking different from you is just ridiculous. At the end of the day, we're all gamers. What's the need to bash each other for different opinions or views on a series or game?
I think that's reasonable because world always works on polar opinion. That is why the magnet has two poles and not the pole that adjusts with anyone. So yeah fanboys are meant to be there naturally it's just that when it affects us is when things go wrong.
I think you should be careful when calling someone else toxic to avoid not being toxic yourself. Generally "toxic" refers to when people share a view or an opinion that doesn't allow for a different view to be argued. If someone were to say that "Capcom is the greatest company ever" then that would be considered toxic as it has already voided every other opinion you can bring to the table about them in said conversation. Likewise saying things like; "Capcom only make remakes because they can't come up with anything new" is also toxic in the same vein. Not only does both statements completely ignore a lot of the history and facts around the company, but it also downplays any other opinions as mentioned earlier.

Capcom was on a decline a few years back, having effectively killed both Devil May Cry and Resident Evil because they lacked a sense of direction for years. That however all changed with the release of Resident Evil 7, a return to form and direction for Capcom. Now ironically they compared to this the change they did from fixed camera to over the shoulder for Resident Evil 4, which was when the series originally started its decline. Though what Resident Evil 2 Remake showed was that the camera angle was never the issue with the series, the move from survival horror into almost pure action was the reason the series started to decline.

They did realize this and made Resident Evil 7. A fairly unique experience with a unique plot. Did it have issues? By all means, was it a "easy cash crab entirely void of creativity" as some refer to it as? By no means, it was no less unique and creative than say Amnesia or Forbidden Siren for their time.

As for your problem or "case" you were talking about. Judging from the information you've given then this Nemisis was well within his rights and logic to not side with you. Media is about how people view you and how you respond to them. Him originally not responding to people calling him out for misinformation isn't a illogical move in terms of PR, nor is it an illogical move depending how you worded yourself. If you say something along the lines of; "I want this country to be nuked" then you are indeed a horrible person. If you say that and don't mean it, then don't say it at all. If you were having a bad day when saying that then you are still at fault for saying it at all.

Trying to blame it on "had a bad day" afterwards or at all will only make it appear as if you said something you actually believe and then tried to hide it because your opinion wasn't socially acceptable, further making the issue greater. People tend to respect those with extreme opinions that stick by those opinions more than those who try to hide their extreme opinions and as I said earlier, in the eyes of others, what you intended to say and mean is of no importance if no one understands you that way. If they don't understand you the way you want, then that is a issue you have to resolve, not everyone else. Further to your original post. You stated that you "doxxed him" without giving a specific person, but I assume you refer to this "Nemisis" person.

Now that is a right dick move right there. You talk big about sharing your opinions and how that causes people to lash out at you, and then you have the wit to dox the guy? In a debate, the moment you start attacking the other person rather than their argument, you've lost the debate and the moment you return such behavior, you've made a toxic area for debate. If you attack first then you are a right asshole, if you don't but return the favor and attack back then you are no better than them and contribute to the toxicity. If you get attacked, walk away and don't think too much about it, the people who resorted to attacking you cared more about their own opinion than a fellow man and therefore cared nothing for you, hence whatever they said or did shouldn't hold weight over you as they were shallow.
No, it was Renegade Operative. He actually made a video about me not too long ago, for getting flagged. But anyway, I'm moving on.


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