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Resident Evil 8: Village - Any news?

I hope this is announced soon. We aren't gonna get E3 this year due to the COVID-19 carry on, unfortunately. However, maybe we can still receive some sort of online presentation.

Any idea when that will be? Has anything been confirmed yet?


I am guessing the videos and possible video based commentary. So chances aare there company may come up with the gameplay or the demo videos for the games.
Use this as the official discussion thread. Should the game get a different title, feel free to alter it accordingly.

I think it will definitely be revealed on 4 June, judging by all the recent rumours.

The basic facts are that it's cross-gen, first person, features Chris, and Ethan and Mia [Winters] again, and is said to be the darkest and most gruesome entry to date. Enemies are said to be wolf-like and eerie, like with a witch and deranged villagers coming after you in a rural location.

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