Resident Evil 8 to release in 2021, will be detailed this month


Resident Evil 8 will release in 2021, with more details coming later this month, a report suggests.

AethesticGamer aka Dusk Golem on Twitter, correctly predicted Resident Evil 3's details ahead of it's official word from Capcom, alleges that that Resident Evil 8 was going to be a Switch exclusive called Resident Evil Revelations 3 before being reworked. Furthermore, the user says that RE8 will feature “occultism” and “hallucinations” that “may sound Silent Hill-esque to some.”.

Hell, the one gameplay sequence in the game that’s been more fully leaked due to the Ambassador tests is a sequence where you’re in a village with multiple routes trying to make your way to a Castle, being attacked by Beast Men, zombies in armor with swords, and a Witch that laughs a lot.
Furthermore, Dusk Golem alleges that select Resident Evil Ambassadors have played a demo of the game, and in it Resident Evil 7‘s Ethan Winter is joined by longtime series protagonist Chris Redfield. The user says that the two characters may be stand-ins for other protagonists.

This will be breaking this month with more details later.
We’ll keep you posted on Resident Evil 8 as we learn more.
I wonder if it will really be called RE8. But if Ethan returns, I suppose it is. And Chris is meant to be coming back too. ?

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