Resident Evil 8 rumours suggest Ethan Winters will fight off werewolves


A number of Resident Evil 8 rumours suggest the return of Ethan Winters, Resident Evil 7 protagonist and werewolf enemies.

It was first reported by Biohazard Declassified, claiming the next Resident Evil game will feature Ethan Winters from RE7 as the main playable character and will be keeping its first-person viewpoint. It's also said that longtime series protagonist, Chris Redfield will be in game to aid Ethan.

Furthermore, the game is said to take place in a European castle, much like the development of RE4, although Ethan would be fighting off werewolves, zombies and a "shadowy" female enemy.

Resident Evil 3 remake, is the next Resident Evil game to be released on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC in April.