Resident Evil 3

It has finally been leaked, so expect to see it at Jump Festa later on this month.



My personal thoughts, are that Jill looks great, but Carlos looks rather strange. I wasn't really expecting Nemesis to look like his 1999 counterpart either, considering Mr. X, "Gonna give it 2 ya!" was also radically altered, with his dumb fedora hat...

I'm guessing the gun powder from the RE 2 remake will feature again, even though, yes... I know that was in the original 1999 version of 3: Nemesis. The producer talked about it in a video once, and failed to say it was from 1999 instead of 2019. But yeah, that just goes to show that it's probably unlikely that anybody from the original Capcom team is even involved with the development of the new games that they're producing under the RE Engine, if I were to say so myself.
I'm not holding my breath to see the Hunters in, or certain other enemies. In the prior remake, they omitted the spiders, the crows, the (original) plants, and a lot more creatures were left out, as well as a lot of locations and more. It was a good game, but also vastly disappointing when you compare it to the original 1998 masterpiece.

For example, when Leon and Ada take the cable car to the lab, it wasn't that creepy or suspenseful at all.
The thing is, these millennials don't have a clue about what made the franchise great in the first place. The previous remake was decent, but practically faithless.

They never even mentioned anything about 'the mansion incident' from the first game, and Brad never appeared as a zombie. While I don't care about alternate costumes, these were actually unlocked in the original game, as opposed to getting them by advance ordering the base game or buying downloadable content. And like I said, tons of the original creatures DO NOT appear in the remake.

Another thing that was dumb, to say the least, was that the A and B scenarios never really felt unique. They repeated boss fights and everything. It just felt severely lacking, and the extra modes were just kind of tacked on. Also, the addition of the original soundtrack hardly made a dent either, as the volume is so low and plays out of sync as well.

It could have been way better. It's not even about the "RE Engine" or the camera angles at all, like many people often claim. Even though Leon does look too cute when compared to his 1998 counterpart.

Meh. 🧐