Resident Evil 3 [OT] Jill Valentine vs Nemesis

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Jun 15, 2019
I assume this is the last trailer Capcom will be putting out before the game releases this Friday. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy it until 7 April. Luckily, that's just 4 days later after it's out, unless I can borrow money beforehand to obtain the digital release, but I have bills to pay as well. And by the way, I've had to cancel my pre-order of the physical version, over concerns that shipping could be postponed throughout Europe. I'm not sure if Capcom meant mainline Europe only or the UK as well, but I'd rather not take any chances.

Anyway, count this as the official thread for the game overall. I noticed the other ones have drifted into the background now.

Personally, from the rumours I've heard, a lot of iconic moments will NOT make it into this game. I'd rather not spoil anything by naming specific parts, but that's just what I heard from these alleged leaks. If that's the case, that's just Capcom skimping on content to save money, or they're just lazy in their present form. Also, did you feel that the recent demo was lacking in good sound? It's odd to me. In the original 1999 version, there was eerie music up to, and including when Nemesis shows himself to Jill, and thereafter. But in the demo, you could hear a pin drop. What's going on with Capcom? Need we even ask that question?

They've also gotten stupid and showed one of the major subsequent forms of Nemesis once he mutates, which although was technically obviously going to occur, I think that would have still been better off not being shown so explicitly.


Resident Evil Resistance could get its own thread too, I suppose. However, I'd say that's more classed like a glorified additional mode than being a real game.



Developers: M-Two Inc.
Publisher: Capcom
Director: Kyohiko Sakata
Producers: Peter Fabiano, Masachika Kawata
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release date: April 3 2020
Genre: Survival horror/action horror
Modes: Single-player

A series of strange disappearances have been occurring in the American Midwest within a place called Racoon City. A specialist squad of the police force known as S.T.A.R.S. has been investigating the case, and have determined that the pharmaceutical company Umbrella and their biological weapon, the T-Virus, are behind the incidents—though they've lost several members in the process. Jill Valentine and the other surviving S.T.A.R.S. members try to make this truth known, but find that the police department itself is under Umbrella's sway and their reports are rejected out of hand.

However, soon reports of a grisly "cannibal virus" begin to surface, and vicious dogs begin roaming the streets. With the viral plague spreading through the town and to her very doorstep, Jill is determined to survive.
However, unbeknownst to Jill, an extremely powerful pursuer has already been dispatched to eliminate her.

The original game, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was released in September 1999, and has gone on to sell over 3.5 million copies as of September 30, 2019. Just like its predecessor, Resident Evil 2, the game is set in Raccoon City, a city overrun by a whole new kind of biological threat, but this game illustrates the outbreak and conclusion of the incident.

It follows the protagonist Jill Valentine as she fights to escape her pursuer, the Nemesis T-Type, and offers a new kind of survival horror which plays off the fear of being constantly and relentlessly chased.

This game, Resident Evil 3, reimagines this city as it falls into chaos beneath the undead horde, with a level of detail and fidelity that can only now be realized with current technology.









I heard the game is short, and missing a lot of the classic scenes in the original. In that case, this is just going to be a briefly enjoyable game, that nobody will remember in a year from now. I've never even gone back to the RE2 "remake" in over a year, as the main game and sorry excuse for DLC really put me off from caring.

Now and again, I'll dig out my old GameCube and play the originals. I've not done so in ages. Does that mean I'm not a true fan anymore? Hell no! I just very seldom play games these days, and I long for something new. When I say new though, I don't mean that Capcom should remake every old game out there with the RE Engine. It's more or less time they totally move on from 1998.

I cannot get the remake of RE3 until next Tuesday either, due to being Jack Flint (a slang term for being skint, aka broke).

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