Remedy confirms work for Control's story has just begun


Remedy hinted to IGN at potential further content to the story of Control and has spent their time and effort to be able to achieve that.

A lot of our recent work was about getting Remedy into a position where we can create Control, and we can hopefully keep making more Control. So yeah, absolutely – and especially with all the love we’re getting. There are so many things we know we can we can do and explore, so I’d say this is just the start.
Thomas Puha, Communications Director

There’s no one in the current Control team who wants out; there are actually people who want in. So we have a positive problem.
Juha Vainio, Executive Producer

A Photo Mode and Expeditions DLC has been released as a free, post-release content in Control. Two paid expansions are coming in 2020; The Foundation, is due soon and the second will tie in into Remedys Alan Wake, due mid-2020.

Control is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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