RedGamingTech: Why Sony hasn't shown the PS5


The playstation 5 was revealed at the road to PS5 event just recently by Mark Cerny and his team, and that got people wondering - why haven't Sony even shown off the console yet? Why are they being so secretive?

Well, I attempt to answer that question after digging around, and also shed a bit of light on the PS5's Tempest Engine, Geometry Engine and also a lot of other aspects of the console - including the Playstation 5's flexible clocks

Short summary:
Sony wants to have real-time gameplay ready to show for the reveal along with the PS5 retail unit and price
Sony are confident that the silence will be forgotten once they show their games
Both consoles are very powerful
PS5 has a lot of customization done with the geometry engine: primitive shaders, etc
The SSDs are a huge part of the next generation