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RedGamingTech: Ryzen To Use "Enhanced" 5nm Node?


The Xbox Series X looks to be supporting wireless audio and chat via wireless headsets. Rumors are that Ryzen 5nm AKA Zen 4 will have an "enhanced" 5nm node that will give nice performance improvements.

For Intel, some specs for a Rocket Lake CPU have been spotted, as well as a benchmark for Intel's Tiger Lake U processor.

Finally, a patent for the PS5 Playstation VR 2 have been spotted - showing that it may have a new feature for spectating live events.



It just feels like AMD is rubbing it in Intel's face with the constant improvements to Ryzen and their sheer dominance of anything Team Blue these days. Intel needs to get their act together and come back with something to respond or they'll be playing catchup for years.
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