Real-money gaming platform SkillGaming on the rise


SkillGaming is a gaming platform that allows gamers to play for XP (experience points). It has almost increased 400% in just 2 weeks to around 10,000 users with gamers battling it out using the platform’s unique, no-where-to-be found feature set. SG is the primordial soup of a new wave of gaming to come in the already growing $100bn+ global gaming industry. Gamers can faceoff either against each other in real-time Duel mode, play mini-challenges against the computer in Challenge mode or wage an all-out war in War mode, aiming to get the highest average score in a 24 hour period in a massively-multiplayer battle.

What's more interesting about the platform is gamers can earn money in-game and deposit for real-cash or cryptocurrencies. There are around 100 games on the platform thus far with 1 being added each week. SkillGaming plans to increase this frequency by teaming up with indie developers around the world to feature their content on the platform via their developer program. For more details on that head here.


SkillGaming was first established in January 2020 and has clocked around 350,000 plays, averaging out at around 1,400 plays per day. But if you consider the recent growth spurt, this figure is almost 2–3x higher. Over $104,000 of real money has been earned by thousands of gamers around the world and this figure keeps rising.

Duel mode seems to be one of the most popular real money options where the winner gets 90% return for winning, while the loser loses their stake. The remaining 10% is shared between the platform, affiliates and developers. SG is truly socio-capitalist model at play with up to 3 modes to take choose from.


Duel mode is a unique concept that's purely web and mobile app based, it is truly cross play and allows a gamer to challenge a friend or foe for a quick 60 seconds to 10 minutes battle on any game. You can track your opponents score in real time as they can, yours. The sweat really starts to pour when the stakes are high, not only because there’s money on the line but also street credibility.

If you lose, you can rematch your opponent or walk away. Beat your opponent 3x in a row in Duel mode, you get awarded the Domination prize. Back down and reject a Duel request outright, and you’ll be called out. All Duels are synchronous, real-time gut wrenching, stressful and adrenaline pumping affairs. Just click on an opponents name and you can quick-message them or Duel request them.



War takes away the pressure of needing to perform live against your opponent but still requires for you to be as competitive as possible as the system takes the average of your top 5 score submissions over a 24 hour period. War can be waged by any gamer who has got a dollar.

Any gamer that joins the war by spending a dollar (or more) gets 10 rounds of ammo. You fire 1 round each time you die and submit a score to the Warboard. At the end of the 24 hours, the gamer with the highest average score (average top 5 scores) gets 80% of the prize pot with the remaining 10% shared between 2nd place and third place, and the other 10% being shared by SG, affiliates and developers.

SG plans on adding a shop with weapons, taunts and upgrades to allow gamers in a war to just reveal the average score of any opponent by spending a micro payment.



Challenge mode offers you the ability to enter a mini-tournament which has no time limit where you pay an entry fee, anywhere from $1 to $25 bucks. It then gives you a required target score you need to meet in the desired game and you can earn anywhere from 70% or 1000% of that fee, the moment you reach the score. The target score varies depending on your skill level and adjusts over time as you improve in the game, along with payouts also going up. Each game has different target scores depending on the type of game it is.



SG’s detailed statistics allow gamers to track each other’s progress and even provide detailed stats on people’s individual rivalries. Who holds the most belts (known as King of the Hill or KOTH records), who leads in Duels, what a gamer’s participation rate is etc.


As for deposit and withdrawal options, gamers can deposit and withdraw in traditional currencies using a range of payment mechanisms (debit/credit card, bank, e-wallet and cryptos).

For gamers wanting to game with real money, KYC is mandatory but only at withdrawal and most regions are accepted apart from countries that are banned by the OECD sanction lists.


The good news is all gamers upon valid signup (which requires a valid mobile number), receive a free $10.00 credit known as Bonus Unlock Meter (BUM) which is a small meter that tracks how many Challenges you engage in, in order to unlock this free money.

The best part is SG is hot on cheaters and has some of the best fraud detection mechanisms in place to prevent those unwanted occurrences.

SkillGaming caters to all gamers, whether you are an avid teen virtuoso pro-gamer in the making or a washed up 80s kid just trying to compete, you will find something for you. Visit SkillGaming and check out what they've got to offer.
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