Rainbow Six Siege PS5, Xbox Series update out next week


Rainbow Six Siege will get its PS5, Xbox Series X and Series update next week on 1 December, Ubisoft has confirmed.

The update will offer up 4K and 120FPS (frames-per-second) on compatible HDMI 2.1 screens, with an option to choose a priority on performance (FPS) or resolution (4K).

Ubisoft said:
Current players on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to keep their progression, and also upgrade their game at no extra cost on the same family of devices. Cross-generation play is also available within the same family of devices, allowing PlayStation 5 players to face PlayStation 4 players, and Xbox One players to face Xbox Series X|S players. Cross-play between different families of consoles or between PC and consoles is not currently supported.

DualSense capability will be offered on the PS5 version.

Ubisoft has also announced a new charity bundle that will support US-based AbleGamers charity.

Ubisoft said:
Beginning at the launch of Year 5 Season 4, Rainbow Six Siege players will be able to purchase a bundle with a uniform, weapon skin, charm, and headgear. One hundred percent of net proceeds, with a minimum of $6 USD per bundle sold, will be donated to The AbleGamers Charity.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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