Radeon Chiplet GPUs leaked, includes Threadripper 5000 specification leak


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Dec 8, 2020
AMD's future GPUs (both RDNA and CDNA) are almost certain to use chiplet technology. RDNA 3 is the first possible candidate to use chiplet technology on the gaming side, and CDNA 2 possibly on the data center / compute market. a patent called "GPU CHIPLETS USING HIGH BANDWIDTH CROSSLINKS" has emerged, filed by AMD and seeks to fix the inherent issues of MCM GPU designs - that is the inability to easily deal with data being between the two devices, with this design creating high bandwidth passive crosslinks between the two GPU dies, with one of those GPUs communicating directly to the CPU.

In essence, this approach would allow AMD to easily scale their GPUs to much higher levels of performance and with similar benefits to what we see with their Zen 2 and later CPUs. Essentially increasing the levels of performance, creating larger GPUs out of many smaller dies.

RDNA 3 is likely going to launch late 2021, or possibly 2022, and is probably going to be competing with Nvidia's Lovelace architecture, with will be produced on the Samsung 5nm process.

AMD's Genesis Peak (AKA threadripper 5000 series) is said to offer 16 core SKU, a very odd move given that more recently, threadripper has offered higher core counts than the mainstream parts. Though the 16 core Threadripper part if its true is likely to benefit from quad channel memory and additional PCIE lanes, though how else it differs from the mainstream parts isn't yet known


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