Quantum Error Interview: Themes and Inspirations Behind the PS5/PS4 Horror Game


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Dec 11, 2018
Can you tell us a little about the story, or is that still under wraps for now?

A company called Monad develops smart technology that can be integrated directly into your nervous system. Pretty much everyone around the globe uses it. People have become like robots using an auto pilot mode for work. It’s created an awful economy. Monad’s main facility is attacked by an unknown enemy. You play as Jacob Thomas from the Garboa district in San Francisco and you are dispatched with a crew and your partner Shane Costa to rescue any survivors. Something goes very wrong with the personnel in the facility. This is really only the very tip of the iceberg for the story, but we don’t want to spoil it. There’s going to be a lot of different ideas from different cultures and eras. The foundation of a lot of the concepts come from Gnosticism, and core story elements include Hindu and Buddhist practices but twisted upside down.
The trailer brings to mind other sci-fi horror series such as Dead Space. What would you consider to be your biggest inspirations for Quantum Error?

There’s a lot. Bloodborne is my (DJ) all time favorite game and there’s so much there to discover, and that’s kind of what we are aiming for. Space Odyssey, Xenogears, and Metal Gear are some of the biggest inspirations when scripting the narrative and characters. Playing Xenogears when I was young really showed me how you can blend ideologies together to create your own, which is key. From a gameplay perspective we are definitely going for something that is on that Dead Space or Doom level. We want you to feel just as cool playing as Jacob Thomas as you would Doom Guy, haha. We’re all brothers, though, so we all like a lot of different things and take inspiration from all kinds of stuff.

Will the game have a large focus on combat, or will combat play a more minor role compared to other aspects of the gameplay?

FPS combat will be very important and at the forefront of the experience in QE, but it won’t be the only thing you have to do in the game. There are also going to be environmental puzzles and obstacles throughout the game that will focus on the firefighting skills of our protagonist.

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