PushSquare says Sony's Decision to Skip E3 2019 Is Starting to Look Really Smart


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Dec 25, 2018
When will we learn not to criticise Sony too hastily? Our first reaction to the Japanese giant’s decision to skip E3 2019was one of horror, but we later took a step back and pointed out that the platform holder couldn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be judged until we see how everything transpires. On the basis of this past weekend, the firm has once again proven that it knows best.

This is a transitional year for the Los Angeles show – we don’t even need to watch Ubisoft and Square Enix’s press conferences to tell you that. EA Play 2019 was such a non-event that we’re beginning to ponder why the publisher even bothers, and despite some neat, presumably next-gen announcements, Bethesda didn’t have much either.

But with Microsoft missing an open goal, it’s pretty obvious why the PlayStation maker decided to skip this year’s show. The fact is there’s just not enough content ready to be announced yet: Xbox had 60 titles on its stage, but without being disrespectful, we bet you’d struggle to name 15 of them off the top of your head. It was filler – even the heavy hitters like Halo Infinite aren’t ready for prime time.

The thing is, Sony could have had a show: Death Stranding, The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy VII: Remake, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare would have been enough. But the manufacturer’s been in this game long enough to know that expectations are impossible to calibrate, and after last year’s gameplay-focused showcase, it knows how venomous the backlash can be.

So it announced its next-gen console in a Wired article, sucking almost all of the enthusiasm out of yesterday’s timid Project Scarlett reveal. Oh, and it dropped a breath-taking release date trailer for Death Stranding, which had more impact than anything we’ve seen at E3 2019 so far. This is a company that, despite constant criticism, clearly knows what it’s doing. Maybe it's time we all started to accept that.

Link: Reaction: Sony's Decision to Skip E3 2019 Is Starting to Look Really Smart
It was a great move. They obviously didn't have enough or they didn't want to announce certain things yet. If they had come, it would have been disappointing.
Until they can talk about the PS5 more openly, it was a good move. Although their last two State of Plays could have been a conference as well. So hard to say how they are going about this.

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