Push Square: Sony Is Not Anti-Consumer for Making PS5 Exclusives


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Dec 11, 2018

There will be games that you can only play on the PlayStation 5 when Sony’s next-gen system launches this holiday, and that’s anti-consumer according to some enthusiasts. While the Japanese giant is merely following the natural order of all hardware transitions, Microsoft has thrown a spanner in the works by revealing that it will release all of its Xbox Series X titles for the next year and a bit on the Xbox One and PC.
There’s an obvious advantage to the Team in Green’s strategy: no one will be left behind. Halo Infinite, which will presumably be the next Xbox’s flagship foray, will be playable on crusty old Xbox One from 2013 – and that’s neat. But while I’m not a programmer, it’s probably safe to assume that the overall package will be compromised on Xbox Series X as a result;
Will this matter? Well, the Redmond organisation presumably feels not, but I think it may give Sony an advantage – even if it’s only a small one. The manufacturer has talked at length about how, for example, the superfast SSD hard-drive in the PS5 can fundamentally change the design of open world games like Marvel’s Spider-Man; in order to take advantage of that fully, it obviously needs to ensure that it ditches PS4 entirely. You could argue this is pro-consumer, as it effectively ekes all of the features out of its new appliance.

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