PUBG Mobile-Recruitment-Lionsguard

I’m looking for any active, English speaking players to come and join a competitive clan to achieve one goal. That goal is to win! We all lose at times.
We are a strict group and expect microphones while in game. Right now we have one squad to practice with actively but we want a full 25 squads of 4 and leaders to be appointed as well.
We allow other clans to join our discord as well to have the same schedule based on Eastern USA schedule. Monday-Friday at 6pm and 9pm are the two practice times we have right now but may be one time as it’s bigger for a private round each day.
I will be posting my discord tag for anyone to contact me if interested.
Thank you!

Lionsguard Clan Leader
XPGC Empire Server Owner and Head ODU (Operations Division Unit)


Which timezone you guys stay the most active in? Also how does the strategy discussion works? apart from discord chat?