PS5 heat issues should be solved in final console


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Dec 11, 2018
New reports suggest Sony is currently wrangling PS5 overheating issues. Supposed unnamed dev sources tell reporters like Windows Central's Dan Rubino and Jez Corden that the console is simply belting out too much heat for the cooling array to handle.

Everything from the 7nm AMD SoC to the ultra-fast 5.5GB/sec PCIe 4.0 SSD are apparently generating pretty substantial thermals, and Sony's solution may not be on par with the Xbox Series X's huge 130mm fan and vapor chamber cooler. The PS5's variable GPU scaling adds another potential layer of worry to the heat management issues, especially since the console will scale its GPU power on a game-by-game basis.

The heat problems may force Sony to redesign system's current cooling and chassis design. Reports say current PS5 design is failing due to overheating and compare it to the Xbox 360's dreaded RRoD thermal issues. Now we understand why the PS5 devkit has massive ventilation.

This is probably a dramatic overreaction, though. It may be true the PS5 gets hot, and some units might be failing, but we have absolutely no solid info on the system's design yet. Until we get it, this will be hearsay at best. Also remember that PlayStation represents over 20% of Sony's quarterly earnings. They have a lot riding on the PS5 and it's unlikely they'd ship a product that runs so hot.

Previous PS5 concepts show a strange X-shaped case with side ventilation, but this may be inadequate. It's possible Sony's next-gen console could look more like the Xbox Series X's Mini-ITX tower design that pulls heat from the bottom up.

Just as long as the console is quiet! I'm getting really annoyed at how loud my PS4 can be at times, which is a good thing but I like to easily hear the game going on.
I think now that everyone is in quarantine. They can take as much time as they should. And that should be something you may definitely work around with as well. I'd also say that heat in the system may definitely be an issue that may affect so hopefully it is handled.

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