PS5 has two different fans; one is louder than the other


PS5 has two different fans and one is louder than the other, a new report suggests.

Les Numeriques, a French outlet, ran a test on five different PS5's by taking them apart and found that 2 out of 3 of the test groups had two different internal fans. In the image above, fan type A was the more quiet of the pair (“moins” means “less” en Francais). The A-type fan runs at a volume of 39 decibels while the B-type fan runs at 43 decibels. While one’s louder than the other, it’s not by much.

The outlet also says that the two fan types they analysed appear to be different in style and appearance than the fan that was shown off in Sony’s official PS5 teardown.

What do you make of the difference in volume?

PS5 is available now.
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