PS5 exclusive Men in Black details leaked


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Dec 8, 2020

open world
progress through agent ranks like a leveling system different backgrounds give different starting stats/abilities, eg background of cop gives a more physical character, background of chef gives better buff items, etc
weapon upgrade system, starting gun is the Cricket
you are free to neurolyze random civilians who might see you in the course of your missions but you're encouraged to do them covertly and if you abuse the mechanic too much you'll be penalized, one of the penalties is a demotion in agent rank
day/night cycle, aliens are more active at night, not all of them are hostile
you can attempt to recruit certain PCs if you happen to see them performing some kind of impressive feat; if they pass the test and are accepted you get recommended for promotion (agent rank up)
plot involves a classic 50s alien abduction pandemic where aliens are kidnapping humans for experimentation, but there's a twist

I’m placing my chips down on Men In Black by Bend being real

Will be interesting to see how it ends up. Hopefully a lot better than some other game adaptations of movies.

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