Proxima Universe coming to Steam soon


Nov 16, 2018
PROXIMA UNIVERSE is a large-scale next-gen Shooter that supports up to 100 players. A ground-breaking experience with dynamic weather system, seasons and a real 24-hour day/night cycle.

You will be able to play the official game modes that we created or you just unleash your creativity and mod the game!

Join the Universe now and experience a new era of multiplayer games!


Action in PROXIMA UNIVERSE takes place on an Earth-like planet called Alterra. There is no organic life forms in PROXIMA... In PROXIMA you play as a robot.EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER
PROXIMA gameplay is understandable and comfortable for a player but still provides a wide space for improving your skills, experimenting and discovering the small nuances that make it so unique. You will learn the base game mechanics in the first minutes after joining the game, but the path of improvement will be long, motivating and rewarding.