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Free demo of Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed available now!

Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed is an upcoming point and click adventure game. Old school style adventure in 2D hand drawn art with real point and click gameplay.

Try it on STEAM now:



Hello everyone, my name is redschyte and i recently stream on twitch, its so quiet there, and i hope you can come and follow my channel and watch my stream, so this is my stream channel on twitch, come hang out! (you know what? i also have youtube channelšŸ˜‰)
thank you guys, i'll see you in my next stream!!!


I am a small time channel father for 4 so my posting can be spotty at times but I upload game clips from the games I play by myself, with the wife, or with friends so stop on by check it out drop a like or a comment dont forget to sub and share trying to make it to 1000 subscarefree gaming
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