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I really appreciate joining this community(y)

HI, Iv always admired the trucking business and for a longtime it has been my desire to join the great truckers who canvass the roads with their loads of goods from one place to another.its really unfortunate i cant join them in real life but with Ets2 &ATS gaming platform i can be among them. Welcome to my virtual trucking life as i bring to you this awesome trucking machines with various loads.

Please do watch, subscribe and like -@virtualroadtrucker
Gday All
New Video is up!!
Check it out and enjoy, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel
Much appreciated
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Hello, Mr. Dumb here. I love playing video games though I am not a professional gamers. Recently I am playing Hitman series. I love editing my gameplay and summarize the playthrough of the games. Feel free to pay a visit to my youtube channel. Let's play dumb! Enjoy!

I have a Twitch and YouTube! I would greatly appreciate follows/subs. I would be happy to follow back. :)

I am mostly making content related to older games. I have also been cross-streaming to both Twitch and YouTube.

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