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Aug 27, 2020
Hey, first time on this forum, I saw the post for promoting your gaming streams but I think maybe making a thread for non-gaming channels on YouTube would be nice too, my new YouTube channel is one where I look at strange oddities on the net or just odd real life events, such as a furry chuck E cheese forum I found or the disgusting food product known as munchy box in Scotland, also other people can post there non-gaming channels here

DS Dad

Sep 21, 2020
This drone is so amazing and awesome. We've been using it lately to add some spice to our YT channel and so far so good.


Science Loop

Jul 7, 2020
Why Wood is more important than Diamond in the whole universe.
Diamond are one of the most precious meterial on Earth but what's happen in the whole universe. Is wood more precious than diamond in the whole universe ?
Recently a fact went viral that woods are more valuable than diamonds. But why is it ? Here's the reason ! Do you know the answer of the question ( why wood is more precious than diamond ? ), write down in the comment section.
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