Portable AC and Window Units

So, some of us live in older houses, where it would be costly to convert the existing heating system to include an option for AC, that is where the portable and window AC units come into play.

DO you have a window or portable AC unit? In our house, we have two AC units on wheels, so that we can move them room to room as needed. But I recently learned that if both of them are put in a location where the major air intakes to the house is at, we can turn on the furnace fan unit and force the cool air from the two rooms, to the rest of the house.
We moved into an apartment that had two window units, I knew they were bad looking but once using them they barely worked and spat out dirt. We just got a new landlord who is planning to put in central air, but its getting hot and we really have no window units and I hate to invest into them and portable units look rather cheap.


This is the first time I've ever heard of a portable AC. But I guess it's just not common over here in the UK like it is over in the States. We tend to just use fans when it gets warmer.