News Pornhub has removed most of its videos from its network


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Dec 8, 2020
Pornhub is removing all videos uploaded to its site by unverified users, millions of videos in total, as part of a crackdown on user-uploaded content after two major payment processors suspended service. The decision, first reported by Motherboard, stems from a New York Times report that found the site was hosting videos of people who are underage and videos showing children being assaulted
Pornhub appears to have wiped out more than 8.8 million videos as of this writing. Motherboard said the site boasted 13.5 million videos on Sunday night; it has 4.7 million as of Monday morning. While the site hosts professional videos, its main function operates much like YouTube — allowing users to upload videos of their own and make money off of ad revenue. These videos represented the bulk of Pornhub’s content.


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