Pokemon Unite Nintendo Switch release date announced

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Jun 20, 2021
The long-awaited Pokemon Unite is coming to the Nintendo Switch platform. The company announced when the game will debut on the platform. Along with the announcement, a trailer video was also released. The release date of the production on mobile platforms was also announced.
Pokemon Unite is coming to that platform first

Nintendo Switch
will be the first device to receive the free MOBA version of Pokemon Unite . The launch of the game will take place in July 2021 . By September 2021, the production will be available on iOS and Android devices. The announcement contains a lot of information about the game itself.
Every player can participate in Unite Battle Committee tournaments on Aeos Island with their Pokemon . There will be one Pokemon available to each person . You will join teams of five other players and try to capture the opponent’s checkpoints. You fight with trainer or Wild Pokemon to earn points. The side with the highest score wins. As you play in various matches , your Pokemon gains experience and levels up.
Some of the items that can be obtained in-game have been explained. There are precious stones and coins in the construction. With these, you can purchase Unite Licenses that allow you to use certain playable Pokemon . You can also use it to buy clothes and accessories.

When we look at the trailer video, we are in a race where we will defeat the enemies with different mechanics. We see that each character has their own unique abilities. The general structure of the game seems to be in a fast and tactical design. Each character has a certain life, you try to collect points by killing opponents with various moves.
If you connect to the game via Nintendo or Pokemon Trainer account, you have cross-platform and cross-save feature. This allows you to play the game with your friends on different platforms. Although it does not have much functionality at first , you will be able to enjoy Pokemon Unite with your friends when it comes to iOS and Android .

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