Pokemon Sleep announced for iOS and Android devices

Martin Berisford

Article Author
When I first read this I wasn't actually sure if I woke up on April 1st 2020 after some mad coma because it appears that (alongside a raft of other announcements) that Nintendo have announced 'Pokemon Sleep' - a smartphone app that's set to release in 2020 which will incorporate how you sleep into the experience of the gameplay. Seems like a creepy manner in which to use the data I'm sure most apps already hold anyway but what do you think about this announcement by Nintendo? A necessary step in how data will be used to make gameplay that bit more 'real' or a bit of a privacy creep?

You can have a read about it here - Pokemon Sleep announced for smartphones - Gematsu


I just don't see any valid reason for the concept like this. I mean it does sound weird and also does not serve any real purpose. Then again we are talking about pokemon. So it'd be difficult to see the real value out of this. I am skeptical.