Pokemon Masters iOS and Android Reveal


The other day, Nintendo held a Pokemon Conference live for the entire world to see. They announced a few new games and features coming to the franchise either this year, or next year. Pokemon Masters is one of the games announced, and it's another mobile game being created by DeNA! Rumors about this game have been floating around recently, but it's been confirmed. From the short game play trailer we got, it looks like trainers get to battle well known trainers such as Red, Brock, Misty, etc. I'm definitely excited for this game! It's supposed to be released sometime this year, I'm guessing maybe in July, the same month Pokemon Go was released in 2016. This will be a day one download for me, how about you guys?
I think it was more of Gamefreak the company than Nintendo. But yeah, they dropped a lot of information. Good to see they are remaining dedicated to the series.


I hope the franchise brings the VR and the minecraft like world of it's own. I think that is pretty much needed for the pokemon series. It'd be improving it for sure.