Pokemon launches mobile game 'Rumble Rush'


Pokemon is rolling out a new game for mobile. Pokemon Rumble Rush, the latest in the Pokemon Rumble series, launched in Australia for Android on Monday. According to the game's site, it's only available in Australia at the minute but we'll start seeing it roll out globally and also on iOS soon.

The game will see aspiring trainers collecting Pokemon in order to assist them against the Super Bosses of the Island's. The trainers will also earn two different types of gears which they'll earn as they explore each island. The gears will raise a Pokemon's stats, helping it boss those battles. In addition, the summon gears will also allow a Pokemon to temporarily tag in another Pokemon to help it with it's battle. The game is free to start, but players will have the option to purchase in-game items whilst playing. The game was first announce by Nintendo way back in 2017 under the name Pokeland, but until now it had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Now, it's back, and we're ready to rumble.