Pokemon Go updates to benefit those in self-isolation due to coronavirus


Pokemon Go updates have been pushed to benefit those in self-isolation due to the coronavirus.

Developer Niantic is offering a pack of 30 Incense for 1 Gold Coin. Incense will lure Pokemon to your location, ideal for catching the pocket monsters while safe at home. The special 30 pack will last 1 hour each, than the normal 30 minutes.

Also, traditional Pokemon spawning locations will generate more spawns than before, making it easier to catch new Pokemon while in self-isolation. If you’re near a PokeStop, you’ll find they’re offering more items when spun, meaning you’ll have more opportunity to send gifts to your friends who are in self-isolation too.

Finally, the distance required to hatch eggs has been halved than usual.

Last week, the developer confirmed that this month's Abra Community Day would be postponed until further notice.

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android devices.
I'm glad the creators are taking steps to adapt their game with current issues. Though hopefully they change it once its done so people don't become lazy.
Thats a pretty cool solution since this whole thing could sully activity in the game otherwise. Good on them.

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