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Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass detailed by Niantic


Pokemon Go Remote Raid Pass has been detailed by developer Niantic.

Players will be able to “access Raid Battles you can see on the Nearby screen from wherever you are.” with the Remote Raid Pass, Niantic advised.

Only one Remote Raid Pass will be required to join each raid, and you’ll be able to hold a limited amount of Remote Raid Passes at a time. Twenty Trainers can join the same Raid Battle, with a limited number of Trainers using a Remote Raid Pass. Raid Battles that you complete with a Remote Raid Pass will count toward any raid-related research tasks or achievement medals.
At launch, Trainers battling in raids remotely will have the same attack power as Trainers who are able to battle at the raid location in person. At a later time, the attack power for Trainers battling remotely will be reduced. Afterward, a Trainer battling at the raid location in person will have higher attack power than a Trainer battling remotely.
Furthermore, players will receive a daily bonus Field Research task without the need to spin a PokeStop. Your Buddy Pokemon will also venture out for you to get additional Gifts to send to friends when you run out.

Finally, you’ll also be able to power up Pokemon by spending all required Candies and Stardust at once rather than individually, and you can use multiple items like Incense at one time to extend the duration of a normal time-limit.

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android devices.
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