PoE Guide: How To Use The Sacred Grove To Garden In PoE Harvest League

The latest League in Path of Exile features growing a garden full of monsters, and then harvesting their Lifeforces for massive fabulous rewards (include but more than just Path of Exile Currency reward).

The free-to-play Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) Path of Exile firstly launched in 2013. It is set in a dark and macabre fantasy world that is full of various undead, hostile wildlife, and monsters. Just as with other ARPGs that inspired it, such as Diablo 2, a lot of players will explore those randomly generated maps, take down hordes of enemies, and then gather an entire army's worth of weapons, armor, and various other Path of Exile items. Path of Exile, well, as you know, is playable either alone, or with a group of gamers.

During its lifespan, as you can see that Path of Exile has seen numerous updates. One obvious feature is, Leagues, which provide a fresh beginning and new game mechanics, are introduced every few months. In contrast with the previous League Delirium, which featured a dark fog-shrouded alternate reality of nightmares, the current League, Path of Exile Harvest features a bright and colorful garden of nightmares. The good news is Path of Exile: Harvest introduces the Sacred Grove, which is a brand new area guarded by the mysterious Oshabi. Once you enter this place, all players have the right to grow seeds, which will sprout monsters that could be harvested for Lifeforce.

The Very First Step Is: Searching For Seed Caches In Path of Exile: Harvest

When players wander the world, they will see blue glowing roots which will point them in the direction of a seed cache. Once the player clicks on the seed cache, then three things will happen. First of all, it will drop certain types of seeds, and secondly, Oshabi will show up alongside a portal and then guide you to the Sacred Grove. Thirdly, if the player has already previously planted seeds, then it will advance the growth cycle by one. For example, most tier 1 seeds take about three growth cycles to fully mature, which means that from when they are planted, players will have to interact with three seed caches. This is not much of a problem cause you know, during the Path of Exile Harvest league, seed caches can be found in most areas as the player progresses throughout the game's ten acts.

The Second Step Is: You Need To Harvest Seeds In Path Of Exile: Harvest League

In order to harvest seeds in PoE Harvest, gamers need to have a Collector and they at least should have eight seeds ready for harvest within the collection area. Once upon clicking the Collector, players have a few seconds to prepare right before the seeds sprout monsters. By defeating them, then the Collector harvest their Lifeforce. And of course, different seeds sprout different monsters, which changes the effects available in the crafting system. Sometimes, Monsters also will drop some PoE items, some PoE Currency, and sometimes higher tier seeds. It is quite important to notice that there are only two types of Lifeforce. Regular Lifeforce can only be used on crafting new items like additional pylons and collectors, and for the condensed Lifeforce is just used for growing much higher tier seeds, and those seeds can be stored in storage tanks.

The Third Step Is: Different Types Of Seeds In Path of Exile Harvest League

In the latest expansion, Path of Exile: Harvest has three different types of seeds, each with different corresponding colors and Lifeforce. For instance, primal seeds are blue, vivid seeds are yellow, and wild seeds are purple. However, much higher seeds need different types of Lifeforce to grow and in the meantime, also require the use of Dispersers. Place a Disperser next to the seeds needing to be fertilized, connect it to a pylon, and then connect that pylon to the Collector of the right type. Fight these monsters, and then the next tier of seeds might drop. Keep in mind to craft high enough tier seeds and bosses will appear, culminating in one very powerful, final boss. Anyway, Path of Exile proves that it is possible to win at gardening.

Last but not least, right now, Path of Exile Harvest League is available on PS4, Xbox One consoles, and PC platform.