Platinum Games developing in-house engine, PlatinumEngine


Platinum Games has started developing an in-house engine called PlatinumEngine, designed to power its next-gen titles.

Platinum Games has its own engine specializing in action games and has been using it since the company was established. However, in recent years, the level of demand for games has increased further, and there has been a demand for more physical quantities and variations, as well as richer expressive power.
~Platinum’s Wataru Omori

If we don’t try to make things simpler and more efficient, we will eventually be unable to create what we want to make. Therefore, we decided to work on the development of a new ‘Platinum Engine (provisional)’ as a new in-house engine in order to provide an environment in which new titles can be created with greater expressiveness and a larger scale can be easily created.
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Platinum Games has already announced Project GG, The Wonderful 101 Remastered and a new Tokyo-based studio.
Good for them, though I hope it doesn't mess them up when Square Enix tried to make their own, making an engine isn't easy.

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